Tuesday 8 November 2022

Updates on portable parabola antenna

 Just a quick update on my portable parabola design. From the first version I wanted to add a few features such as
-having the coax go through the centre tube and have a connector at rear.
-using a solid tube for the whole centre pole to increase rigidity over the first version
-designing various feed horns, at the moment i have feeds for 1.7ghz(hrpt), 1.5ghz(inmarsat) and 10ghz(Xband).

For a 1 Metre parabola the weight is around 350g and the pack away size is very satisfying.

redesign images are below. I find the more I make redesigns the more time consuming manufacturing becomes, I might sell as a kit thus putting the build time upon the buyer.

X-Band LNB for receiving QO-100 sat


X-Band LNB mount

iteration using 3D printing design

magnetic holder for phone

coax connector at base
Thanks for reading.

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