Monday 3 October 2022

Parabola design

 For a while now I have been designing parabolic reflectors for Space satellite research purposes.

One of my favorite parabolic antenna of all time is the erectable S-Band antenna used by the Apollo 12 space mission.

A super lightweight highly engineered device.

It's purpose as in the description was to be a compact erectable antenna which would open out into both a receiving and transmitting antenna to send and reeive S-band frequencies directly from the Moon surface to the Earth.

So I have been looking into it to reproduce.

Here's my working functional prototype. it is 1m diameter and the feed is desgned for 1.7ghz reception of weather satellite data.

Slide arm design.

at it's full erection.

Here we see the opening and closing in action.

Anyway, i'm forever continuing the iterations and it's functioning better than i expected. I hope I did NASA proud :)
Oh and i'm now a fully qualified certified Devops and Cloud computing specialist. Go me!

Thanks for reading.

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