Saturday 10 December 2022

Youloop + Preamplifier = HFmazing

 It was that time of year just now, Black Friday - Cyber Monday. I found a great deal on a Youloop antenna which included a little blue preamp box. 

My HF 0.5-30Mhz experience has exclusively included an RTL-SDR dongle and an Airspy Mini with Spyverter upconverter. I used a random longwire with balun stuffed in my attic and thought I was getting ok reception. However I can now confirm that it sucked horribly and my new youloop with preamp antenna is quite simply amazing. My HF experience is what I consider to be incredible. I would never think it possible to receive so many signals so clearly and noise free using an indoor antenna, but here I am raving about it. I feel like I have been given a new gift, a feeling of joy excitement and love for radio.

I am not or have ever been paid to endorse things so I hope you can understand when I write so highly of a piece of equipment. Using the Youloop and preamp with airspy mini + spyverter is just mindblowing. Go get one and watch your SDR waterfall light up and come alive. 

With the Airspy mini + spyverter & Longwire unun it is: Meh....
With the Airspy mini + spyverter & Youloop it is: Uhhhh this is interesting....
With the Airspy mini + spyverter & Youloop + Preamp it is:Hollllly Sheeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

I can't really say much more, i'm getting 80m Ham crystal clear, Volmet, DX, SSTV, So so much.

Buy it and relight your love for radio.

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