Thursday 7 October 2021


how i wire it up

I found time to try Povl's ibus2ppm code with my old APM 2.8 flight controller today. It works! 

if you want to use ibus with your old APM board, you can have all 10 channels functioning on your flysky i6 transmitter. 

-Flash your flysky i6 with 10ch mod
-Use a flysky receiver with ibus out port
-Flash ibus2ppm code to an Arduino pro mini
-Solder and connect the wires as shown in the diagram

Hey Presto!

-You have 8 channels to the APM board
-You have 2 extra PWM channels on ia6b receiver at port 5 & 6 for other things such as gimbal etc

showing the radio stick movements in APMplanner after hooking it all up

Thumb action on the flysky i6 flashed with 10ch firmware - notice timer and rssi

Powered up :)

I think It is also possible to directly flash the APM 2.8 flight controller 32u2 chip with a sbus .hex code to also use the flysky i6 transmitter in sbus mode. There is talk that sbus is just reversed ibus. I will try this test also soon.

Of course, if you use Pixhawk with Copter Version 4.0 or above you already have ibus connection directly, but if you have an APM board laying around you can still have options.

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mstefan79 said...

Hello, how can I get in contact with you? I need some help with a flysky i6 firmware issue, of course not for free. Could you pls send me an email on Thank you in advance!