Friday 15 October 2021

Autonomous Satellite Tracker & Decoder

 Hi there, I would like to share with you my Satellite tracker and Decoder.

I am using: 

Nvidia Jetson Nano with latest JetPack 4.6 - (
DIY Antenna Rotator - (
GPredict - (
SatDump - (
Airspymini SDR - (

Here are some samples from my setup:

 live decoding testing with Satdump on Jetson Nano

 building my rotator

 all hooked up and ready for testing

Once we are successful with the rotator it is time to exercise while it does it's thing :)

A few other photos and things from my build

testing gpredict with rotator

gpredict tracking

Meteor-M2 capture - October 2021


Jetson Nano Case + USB hub

My Airspymini goodness

I even made an oled

Couple of videos showing rotator function:

Thanks for reading :)

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