Monday 13 September 2021

My Flysky i6 Battery Mod

 Hi there, this is how I power my Flysky i6 and I would like to share this with you. I am using a single 18650 battery cell:

1x Panasonic 3400mah 18650 Battery

I place it into this single cell 18650 battery holder:

1x 'DIY Battery Box Holder Case for 18650 Rechargeable Battery'

I solder onto the 18650 holder a JST connector, and I solder the other JST connector to the + (red wire) and - (black wire) battery terminal on the Flysky i6 battery bay (I do not need to open up the transmitter):

1pc Male Female JST connector

I also wanted to have a wire to power my external transmitter module (irangeX irx6) so I also soldered those between the 18650 holder wires and jst connector, i used heatshrink or tape to cover up and exposed wire.

I did not want to cut my Flysky transmitter to fit the battery, and I did not want wires hanging out everywhere. So I designed and 3D printed a battery bay cover and 18650 case for the Flysky i6 Transmitter. Printing is straight forward using standard PLA. I set the print to use support material for the battery bay cover, but the 18650 holder is just printed as is. I then glued the two parts together using super glue, put the JST connector through the  battery cover hole and plugged in. The cover slides on and off really easily and it looks nice and neat:

This mod means that I can use a single rechargeable battery instead of 4x disposable AA Alkaline batteries. It is more lightweight than before too.

I use the modified Flysky i6 firmware to set my Transmitter voltage alarm to 3.2v this helps to prevent the 18650 cell from going below its specified low voltage level. The battery still lasts for many many days without needing to be charged.

It also means I can use an external module to allow me to fly my tiny whoop quadcopter for practice. I like using the Flysky transmitter a lot more than the one which comes with the e010 quad.

On the left is my practice eachine e0101 next to my DIY betaflight fpv quad (omnibus F4/4in1 esc/runcam micro/3D printed canopy).

If you would like to have this battery mod hit me up. I will try to help out, but someone is selling on ebay my previous Flysky i6 battery cover for way more than it is worth and is not giving my design any credit, even removing my logo. They made over $150 from my hard work :(

Thanks for reading.

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