Monday 3 October 2022

Things this week

 I have been doing a few things this week. 

I re-did my ebike. I built it in 2016.


And it is still going strong, same batteries still working, same motor, same everything. Brake blocks have been replaced a few times. It has paid for itself many times over, and given wonderful freedom and mobility to my everyday life, taking care of grocery shopping, adventures, food delivery work, alsorts. It is over 6 years ago it was built and it still goes fine. You can read about that here.

I decided to give it a few new things.

I scrubbed it clean, removed the decals and made it look all polished. I added full rain fenders. I relocated the 10ah 48v lipo battery to hang from the top tube. New Schwalbe Energizer tyres which are just amazing. And I added some suspension forks to cancel out the potholes. Much smoother ride.

So that's that.

I also have been experimenting with Horn antenna for satellite data tracking.

Using hardware store xps foam cut into shapes.

working along side a helical antenna.

We start to shape the horn.

 Then we repurposed all these scraps to line the horn.

Creates microwave reflectance.

Me so Horny.

So that is that. Test results coming soon.

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