Friday 24 June 2022

My HRPT setup

Hello there, I would like to share with you my HRPT satellite setup which I use to collect weather images.

It is a 1m folding parabola with a custom antenna feed tuned to 1698Mhz. It all mounts onto a tripod, but I tend to hold it and handtrack the satellite. It is extremely lightweight and as such it is comfortable to hold for a 14 minute pass without feeling like you need to put it down. It allows you to track very accurately.

It all fits nicely together, and it can be quickly taken apart and stored safely.

I use a Nooelec Sawbird Goes+ LNA along with an Airspy Mini. I power the Sawbird using an external Bias Tee because the spec sheet says that the airspy mini is unable to power the LNA effectively.

Sample images using this setup:


Meteor MN2

I capture using satdump, I use the live decode feature and the image is produced just after the satellite has passed.

If you would like one of these setups please get in touch or if you have any feedback please let me know.

Thanks for reading :)

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