Thursday 28 February 2019

Raspberry Pi Zero W on a 3-Axis Brushless Gimbal transmitting Low latency Video to a Laptop

When in doubt, put eyes on it

Here's an example of my Raspberry Pi Zero W mounted onto my DIY 3-Axis Gimbal. It is transmitting video to a Laptop running Ubuntu 16.04 and receiving video using a combination of UDP/Gstreamer/OpenCV, and written in Python. The Gimbal is being controlled manually via a Sony PSP thumbstick connected to the gimbal.

With enough time we will see some cool things happen. It's fair to say that during my time in japan I felt a great deal of influence in how their robot platforms have been developed.

Pepper was a little bit underwhelming for me

Honda 3E-C18 had nice eyes

Kirobo Mini was kinda cute

But equally it helped me to understand how Japan uses perceived empathy in it's robot platforms in order to 'help' the user feel more comfortable in accepting the technology. Japan is a really manipulative place you see it everywhere

It uses empathy in train signs to try to persuade you to conform

It makes sense that in robotics, the use of empathy to persuade the user to behave as requested is also implemented

Question is, do you want to behave?

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Jane Nova said...

Is it activated using CAT 1?