Tuesday 4 September 2018

Cheap Portable TV/PC/Gaming Screen Using T.V56.03 Board

I am making my own 12v TV for my Hippy Van to allow me to have Linux development when out on the road, also some movies and gaming but I don't really do that much these days. I looked up ready made 12v portable TV/Monitors from ASUS and Gechic, figured I could make my own for about $25, I'm almost there, here's how it has gone...

I have just got this TV Driver Board (T.V56.03 + TSUMV56RUU-Z1 Chip) and I try using it with Screen (Innolux N156HGE-EA2 rev C2)

When I power the board + Screen connected it working OK for like 1 minute. Then after this, it goes ON/OFF/ON/OFF repeating. ON 1 Second, OFF 1 Second so on.

My question, is this Board problem? Firmware problem? Overheat problem? Chip damaged/dying? Not enough power from 5a max power supply?

I am using 12v 5amp supply

Board PDF file added>T_V56_03
Screen PDF file>https://datasheetspdf.com/pdf-file/1093520/INNOLUX/N156HGE-EA2/1
My Board Look like this>

Screen Details:

Heres a video of what is going on >

My Progress Updates trying to Eliminate & Fix:

1) It doesn't seem to be a power supply issue. I hooked it up to a 30amp 12v supply and the same thing happened as in the video.
2) Found this general User Guide PDF> Users guide of V59 TV con...
3) Github Repo of Firmware & Manuals and other things HERE.

After reading the datasheets for both the Screen & T.V56.03 Board, Reading the User Guide, testing the PSU, having a cup of tea and a little think, it appears to now be working well without cutting out. It seems that the board was sent to me with the LVDS Voltage set to 5v, according to the Screen Panel datasheet, it should be 3.3v so I changed the little Voltage Jumper on the controller board as in this picture>

It seems all is ok, I haven't fried the screen using the initial 5v setting (thank goodness), and the screen is powering without cutting out (so far). 

Reason To Be Cheerful:
1) It is a 16" 1080p TV that runs on 12v Battery

2) It is a Nifty Portable Monitor for Linux/Windows/Osx again running on 12v
3) Using a USB stick filled with media files it will recognise and play Movies/Photos/Music. Sadly it refuses to play modern Rap Music or any pink haired female Music.
4) It can be used as a large FPV screen for flight
5) Plug in any SOC computer and you have Internet access
6) KODI in the Campervan
7) RetroPi gaming on the Go

Thanks for the replies and I hope this helps others

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Jane Nova said...

Have you considered using this lte iot chipset? I think it can be more efficient and save power, the LPWA technology is ideal for portable TV.