Friday 23 March 2018

How To Hack an Engineer

As an engineer, software developer or creative technologist, searching for something valuable and important to take part in is often like preparing to swim in an unknown pool of water.
News and social media often try to influence your skills and talents to tempt you into solving their puzzles for them. "The Next Big Thing" or "Why you NEED to learn" is usually a bit of a con. It is starting to be known as 'engineer hacking'.
Here is a nice article to help anyone wishing to learn and discover new projects and why they should tread with caution

For me, I have had to learn some new skills as I have moved along in development and engineering ideas. I don't feel so naive about throwing myself into open projects or carrot dangling companies anymore. Along the way I learned to grow side-earning incomes, accept multiple jobs at the same time and drop the weak ones, Learned to ask about funding immediately instead of many months or years down the line. Open projects, often ones which include particularly demanding admins or influencers are likely to be things to miss or be 'allowed to drift' by you, and start to begin to focus on things you might enjoy, instead of just brute forcing and being persistent with your skills to find a solution that might just not be working. Don't destroy yourself over something that does not pay. Learn to move and not keep all your eggs in just one single basket. Don't rely or accept companies or hiring companies that will reject you because you lack a certain certificate; those companies will often not be successful or efficient, and would you enjoy working for it if it is like this anyway? Could you quickly make a rival company cheaply and equally just to make a statement against them, to let them know what they have missed. 

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Julie Shaw said...

This is great. I think it is a misconcepton that engineering is a dull field, and I realized that it is a huge field in terms of the specialities etc., but innovation is at the heart of what we do, regardless of whether it is in aircraft mro, or defense systems, esm system; or civil engineering, mechanical engineering....