Friday 2 February 2018

World's Smallest Ai Drone

48% Coffee Cup

Here is my experiment with the Movidius Neural Compute Stick to create a tiny drone which can utilise object detection. It is tested using both SqueezeNet and GoogLeNet, Alexnet is a bit slow these days. All are using Caffe as a framework for object detection. Results vary. You can lean more about using NCAPPZOO here.

Video is captured in real-time low latency, enough to fly by video.

I guess as I get more into my Neural Compute stick, I will add experiments here. At the moment i'm impressed with the speed of the Movidius processing power, it's size, cost, forum and support. Intel are really getting in the Ai game. My Nvidia Jetson TK1 is now pretty much redundant for Ai experiments. I can also do all this Live Capture on my Raspberry Pi 2 albeit a little bit more limited in which cnn you can use as tensorflow is not working with the pi. This all works just as well as on a larger mini 230mm drone.

What do you want the drone to do upon detection of what object? snap photo? tweet it?

Did I just create the World's Smallest Ai Drone?

I went to watch The Greatest Showman with my Mother last night and I have that damned song stuck in my head.
...Will ne-ver beee enuuuuuuuuu --- uuuuughhh.

Sing it with me..

Those damn onions again 😢

Here's the longer video, I will make more as I progress.


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