Sunday 15 January 2017

Ghetto London Life

Here I am, I am still around, looking and reading at all the wonderful things that are happening in the drone and robotics world. It's great. But for me, my life is a little hectic, and I have moved from the north of England to the big city that is London to a world of gastro pubs, city working bastards, and Tinder dating. Everything that I consider to hold dear to me (SOC boards, soldering irons, my development desktop setup) have all had to be put in a box, away, until I have found space and a little bit of settled life here in the city. Career comes first, and I am just not getting the time to study, or fly my drones. Also I can't just go into the park here and fly. Many parks have no flying notices. Bummer. So, why don't I just find a career in tech in London? (Clue: Hardware Tech companies do not exist in London or Europe it is all Shenzhen and San Fran) Well also, because it is elite. I won't be offered positions that are usually welcome to Cambridge graduates, or internal offerings regardless of my abilities. I'm just not on the pecking order of things. *sniff-sniff*. Some say the only careers that matter in London are Banking, Oil and Property. The rest of us can go eat a shit sandwich :D The UK does not fare too well as a country of innovation according to Bloomberg.

But! I have adapted. I have created a trading company in London which offers SOC boards and parts to the area and it allows me to still have a little bit of a connection to dev boards and parts. I also have taken my ebike with me to the city and it's really awesome to have here. In a month, I have ridden the bus only once. I have not even ridden the tube. I am faster than the bus, and I can cover such mileage to comfortably ride across the whole of greater London without breaking sweat. I make myself visible, and have rider confidence, I also like that I have an ebike throttle to give me a little bit of power if I need to move away from a threatening vehicle to a more safer area. In London they now have the Cycle Superhighways Network which is really great. It separates bicycles from motor vehicles, and can be seen in the city as a network of Blue pathways and mini roads. It's great, and I think it is going to be greater as time progresses. 

London would be mad not to invest in ebike technology and push the motor vehicle out. And quickly. But I can't help but suspect that back hand payments and bungs are going on between Boris and the Saudi's to maintain dependency upon the motor car for as long as possible. I wish I was a fly on the wall there! But on the whole I am enjoying not relying on TFL services and I am saving a whole lot of money to boot. I predict I am saving upto £10/$12 per day, so that's saving me ahhh £300/$360 per month.

You know what is not so cool about London? Primark on Oxford Street. That place is pure Sodom and Gomorrah bedlam.

So, how to utilise my ebike in London more effectively by making a little money from it? Well.....


I signed up to be a Deliveroo courier a couple of weeks ago because I learned that I can use my ebike with them, and I can also earn-per-delivery and choose my own hours too, still being my own boss in effect. I will update more about this idea, application, and process soon, in more detail as I feel I would like to share this information to everybody so they can get an understanding of the A-Z process, perks, pitfalls, and if I think it is worth it. So please hang in there for my Super-Deliveroo-Ghetto-Ebike-Guide. I think it will be worth it as it seems to be quite a secret world this whole Deliveroo thing, shrouded in myth, and web-truths. I will give my experience in complete truth you will just have to wait a little while.

I do get some nice kit from them though

If you happen to be in Brixton/Herne Hill at all and want to say hello to me, you might see me zipping by like this.

Thanks for reading

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Julia Lawson said...

Would this be considered a IoT low power consumption device? So would it run on a LTE IoT chipset?