Thursday 30 June 2016

Ghetto ebike: The motor unit arrived

Hello, the motor unit arrived today, I thought I would take a few photos of what arrived in the box.

The packaging box is approximately the size of which it could hold an inflated football (soccer ball).

The motor unit itself weighs quite considerably, I guess it is in the region of 5kg without crank arms or chainring attached. Better hope your bike frame is strong, with all this weight on it. The motor does feel like a quality item, the weight alone tells me this thing has the potential to exceed my expectations on producing some Watt power. I was expecting some measly half-joke of a motor, but I feel genuinely surprised.

There is also a bag containing screw and mounting parts for the motor and chainring

The chainring feels solid, probably steel.

The plastic chainring cover feels, well, plasticy. Just like every other plastic cover. What else does it need to feel like? The crank arms feel like aluminium, and reasonably light. Not as solid as my Shimano XT crank arms which I think are milled steel, these arms feel more like lower grade, but functional. I have never experienced a broken crank arm in my whole life regardless of what it was made of.

The brake levers feel good. They too are light aluminium but they also feel like quality, I don't think they screwed around half-assed when making them. I like the quality of them, the rubber covers, and also that they are full levers and not 2-finger levers.

There is a little blue button/sensor inside each lever to cut the power when braking.

Lastly, there is the new colour display. It's box has P850C written on it. I'm looking forward to seeing what this does once I have it all setup but for the moment here is just a photo

The unit is nice and large, almost the same size as my cup of tea.

It has three buttons on the button unit, a USB port (it will be interesting to see how this functions, I wonder if it also is an update port?), there is also a magnet wheel sensor to manage the motor and be used by the display for speed and other readouts.

I also got a few parts printed for the lipo battery mount. It fits to the frame really well, and holds the lipo battery perfectly. I think my dimensions and designs are getting better. First time success with only my loose planning.

So tomorrow we will be mounting all this stuff. Happy days.

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