Saturday 10 October 2015

Updating the APM mini 3.1

It is thought that the APM (2.5/2.6/2.7/2.8/mini 3.1) board is now retired in favour of Pixhawk 32-bit flight controllers. However there are still many lovers of this flight controller still and many who still feel there are some small improvements to be made using the existing code and board schematic. An advancement on this board, for me, would be to remove the MPU-6050 invensense gyro + accelerometer sensor, and simply include the sensor as a separate board using micro/SMT - FPC & Molex connectors with a flex cable (usually seen in smartphones).


Internal Vibration Dampening. All in one box. Just like the Naza flight controller boards. In this day it astonishes me that nobody has implemented this. Well, actually, when you look at it from a western investment point of view, it makes sense in respect to how western PCB innovation has ground to a standstill (almost) because we expect china to copy and sell a cheaper version within 6 months of production, western investment is therefore ruined. So we are often relying on a few eager hobbyists to order a small production run on a small number of boards. Which is where I come in with my APM 3.2 mini board. Possible? Would you buy it? Please let me know your interest.

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marlinblu said...

Very well! I'm interesting!