Saturday 13 December 2014

My Wonderbox::Idea::Code::Programming::Design::Circuit Board::Function::Prototyping

The interesting thing about making technology to your own idea is that you end up with something unique and original. For me, learning the whole process from conception & idea, design & cobbling, to actually getting a prototype made is a pretty fulfilling sensation.

I learned to code
I learned to make Circuit boards
I learned to design

And it was all put together and a neat thing was produced.

This is my wonderbox. I wanted something to measure environment variables and have various options allowing me to display data & record in various ways - micro sdcard - bluetooth - LAN - wifi - cell network -LCD display.

Some great resources out there for data collection, and for the first time we can get the hardware and it does not have to cost a fortune. Parts are recyclable for other projects, there is no waste, no throwing away. Hacking for hardware.

This is my wonderbox and it's the only one.

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