Wednesday 27 March 2013

Ghetto Video Quadcopter

Ok, So we have quadcopters. I did a lot of research into getting one, and my first avenue was the Mikrocopter, kkmulticopter, multiwii controller board to enable me to build my own. It turned out that this direction could add up to about £550 for the transmitter, frame, esc controllers, motors, props, control board, lipos & charger, and fpv. Nuh-uh. I say. £550 is a significant figure. And that's even without gps/dji systems & a gopro camera. And considering the amount of bad, wet & windy weather I get around here, It could be a disaster.

So, I put it off for a few weeks, and came back to it at a later date. What interested me now was the Hubsan Spyhawk plane with fpv camera. I really like the swooping and gliding to be had with planes as opposed to quadcopters. £200 seemed a good bet to me, and I was hoping to eventually take the fpv system from the spyhawk and add it to a quadcopter at a later date. Alas this seemed complicated.

Eventually, I looked at the mini quadcopters that are around; like the Hubsan X4, and wondered if they had the required lift to carry a camera like a gopro. I know that was a physical impossibility, so I looked at other options. What I discovered was the WLToys V929 ladybird quadcopter.

And the 808 #16 120 degree keychain spy camera:

It seems the v929 had the lift to carry this camera! Whooo! And the price - Quad = £26 Camera = £28 Total = £54

So I ordered it, and stuck the two together. And this is what I got.....


In the future, I will add a teeny tiny fpv system using these parts: camera, receiver, monitor, transmitter. But for now I am learning to fly it. It is not easy. And wind is a quad killer. I really like the 808 camera for what it is. It offers the same wide view as high end action cameras, is good quality, and cheap. I like that I can just carry it in my pocket and forget about it (it has a lens cap), mount it to my bike, hat, quadcopter, even make a waterproof case and take it underwater. I work at music festivals during the summer, and I think I might try to sneak my mini quadcopter into the festivals and film from above. It's small enough, and I might even mod it to have a collapsible frame so it's even smaller. It could make some amazing filming. :)

What I notice, no matter what, is that all good quadcopter videos are all captured during perfect weather! So, even if you are witnessing the birth of the second coming, if it is blowing outside, it's tough titty.

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